General procedures


How will I correspond with the National Center after sending back the "Contact Us" form?


In principle, within two weeks from the date that we receive your form, a representative of the National Center with responsibility for your area will send you an e-mail or fax.


Which National Center handles each sample?


“New” collection samples are not allocated to particular centers. As described in the project outline, 6NCs collects biological samples related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, psychoneurotic and neuromuscular diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, growth-related diseases, and geriatric diseases. Each NC collects samples relating to each specialized field. ”existing” collection samples are held in the same way.

Details will be provided by the person in charge of relevant samples who responds to your "Contact Us" form.


How much detailed information do you have about each biological sample uploaded in the catalogue?


The information involves the sample itself and is related to inspections and other procedures associated with the sample. Details can be provided by the person who responds after receiving your "Contact Us" form.


May I contact each National Center directly?


Yes, that is acceptable. Please click the ‘Biobank Sample’ button on this homepage, for a page that explains the general outline of the Biobank project promoted by each NC.


Are all the listed samples available now?


Please check the date on the upper left hand side of the list. The list is updated as needed.

However, it is important to understand that this is only a target. We apologize in advance for the fact that some samples shown on the list may not be available, or may have been transferred.

For a more detailed explanation of any particular sample, please ask the person who responds after receiving your "Contact Us" form.

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”existing” collection samples


[”existing” collection samples] As for the agreed conditions, can we assume that, unless otherwise noted, the samples are "comprehensive and consensual?" Also, please let me know the details of your "broad consent" agreement.


The [”existing” collection samples] is "the one provided during the individual research," so the content of the original consent agreement varies in accordance with the research target. To provide a detailed explanation, the NC representative directly responsible for this area will contact you after receiving your "Contact Us" form.

The meaning of the term, "broad consent"


[broad and consensual sample] What is the meaning of "broad consent?" What types of research are permitted? In addition, is the "broad consent" agreement the same for all diseases?


The NCBN Biobank project has one basic broad consent agreement, but this includes different sections, depending on the NC and the nature of the disease. Please contact the responsible person at each NC for detailed information about your broad consent agreement.

The following NCs provide information and documents that explain broad consent.(in Japanese)

National Cancer Center:


National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry:


National Center for Global Health and Medicine:


National Center for Child Health and Development:


National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology:



[”existing” collection samples] What version of ICD classification do you use?

Where can I find a key to the alphabetical classification system?

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